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Predictions for USA for October 2019

By Mrs Radhika K and Dr.A.P.Rao, PhD ( Astrology) and PhD (IIT)

Till - 2019-10-02

The month starts with bickering within the administration and between the party bosses and this may spread over to foreign policy and affect adversely its international trade and relationships. Naturally the markets and economy will be down.

From 2019-10-02 - 2019-10-06

The unemployment numbers will be up and the immigration and foreign policy will have to do a lot for this. The flow of international students will be reduced and educational institutions will suffer a lot. The enemies within the administration for such negative attitudes in educational exchange will pay a heavy price for this. Markets and economy will be continuing to be low.

From 2019-10-06 - 2019-10-12

This is the worst period of the month with differences within administration, parties and even internationally even with close friends. This may be the put of some violent actions by some groups which want to disrupt harmony and development.

From 2019-10-12 - 2019-10-16

There will be recovery of the economy and markets with financial institutions making good profits in the previous quarter and this will lead to good performance of hospitality industries and tourism. Th markets will rise and the economy recovers.

From 2019-10-16 - 2019-10-18

There may be manmade violent incidents and shooting besides natural calamities this may affect the relationship with friendly nations and the economy and markets will become bearish. The culprits of the violence are likely to escape.

From 2019-10-18 - 2019-10-24

This is a good period for government investments in various sectors most benefitted sectors will be IT body care and infra structure. Housing and construction will be given incentives. There will be visa rules modification. The markets will be bullish and these industries will be benefitted.

From 2019-10-24 - 2019-10-26

Higher education will be supported by governmental funding so that education and research is encouraged, and USA becomes competitive in high technology areas. Venture capital will be encouraged. These measures will benefit many industries and the market indices will rise.

From 2019-10-26 - 2019-10-29

This is a very prosperous period for hospitality industries hotels motels and tourism industries these will get very good income and the shares of these sectors will rise and give good profits. School education also will get governmental benefits both for staff and students.

From 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-31

This is prosperous for electrical and electronic industries and new inventions will be found to be most beneficial. Internationally USA will clinch very beneficial defence deals and all these will give very good value for US dollar and also the industries.


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