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Major planetary (Rahu, Ketu, Sani and Jupiter) transit prediction 2019-2020


By Mrs Radhika K and Dr.A.P.Rao, PhD ( Astrology) and PhD (IIT)

Rahu transits to Mithuna and Ketu transits to Dhanu on March 7th, 2019. Already Sani is in Dhanu Rasi, which means Ketu will be conjunct Saturn from March 7th and they will be together till January 23rd, 2020. Sani moves to Makara rasi on January 23rd, 2020. Along with this conjunction Jupiter will also enter Dhanu rasi on March 29th and will be staying until April 23rd, 2019. Jupiter retrogrades to Vrischika on April 23rd, 2019.


All these transit predictions is general in nature, predictions based on your natural chart and dasa gives accurate results. Accuracy of transit results also will base on individualís samudayaka ashtakavarga bindus earned over Mithuna and Dhanu rasis.

Mesha Rasi (Aries): Aswini; Bharani; and Krittika 1st pada

Rahu transits over 3rd house, Ketu to 9th house, Saturn transits 9th house and Jupiter in 8th

There will be progress in career and you will complete all pending works. Those planning to travel abroad will get an opportunity. There may be differences with seniors at work. This is a better period for businessmen than those who are employed. Those who are in transport sector will do well. But, if you are into stock/investment areas you need to be careful about investments. But the situation improves once Saturn transits to Makara on Jan 23rd, 2020. There may be differences with immediate family members like siblings, and elders. You will observe a philosophical bent of mind rather than religious till Jan 2020 later on you will go on pilgrimage.

Vrushabha Rasi(Taurus): Krittika 2,3,4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1& 2

Rahu transits over 2nd house, Ketu to 8th house, Saturn in 8th house (asthma shani) and Jupiter in 7th

This is going to be a tough period to some extent. This is a good period for those in Medical, research, insurance, investigation and occult fields and difficult for other sectors. It is not good to make any job changes. There will be good income, but expenditure will be equal and more. There may be differences of opinion with spouse side relatives. Your strong and straightforward speech may place you in a tricky situation with relatives. Spouse health requires care. The period till Jan 23rd, 2020 is not very favourable for those planning to get married. Health requires care, low back ache, pain in legs and foot may cause inconvenience. Reciting Ganapathy astottaram and performing Rudrabhishekam will help.

Mithuna Rasi(Gemini): Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra; Punarvasu 1,2 & 3

Rahu transits over 1st house, Ketu over 7th house, Saturn transits 7th house and Jupiter in 6th.

This transit is going to be better than previous Rahu/ketu transit. There will be improvement in work. Some of you are likely to get promotion during April 2019. You will take up additional responsibility at work. You will gain name among peers and seniors. For those in business and speculation field will find this period better. A favourable period for those into electronics, advanced technology like AI etc. There may be differences of opinion with spouse. It is better to wait till Nov, 2019 for those who are planning to get married. Stomach pain, joint pains, ligament tear may cause inconvenience.

Karkataka Rasi(Cancer): Punarvasu 4; Pushya; Aslesha

Rahu transits over 12th house, Ketu over 6th house, Saturn transits 6th house and Jupiter in 5th

This is going to be a good period at work. There will be growth in career. For those in business this is going to be an average period. For speculations it is better to go on full force after Jan 2020. There may be some concern related to Government during this period, more so during November, December 2019. Expenditure will increase, hence, you may have to pull your purse strings tight. Health of your child may be delicate during 2019. Health will be comparatively better. You need to be careful with pets during December and January. There may be communication differences with spouse. Spouse health requires care.

Simha Rasi (Leo): Makha; Purvaphalguni(pubba); Uttaraphalguni 1

Rahu transits over 11th house, Ketu to 5th house, Saturn transits 5th house and Jupiter in 4th

Rahu transit is looking positive. There will be all round development. You will make a mark at work place. There is good chance of promotion. Businessmen will see growth and expansion. It is better not to take risky decisions in career. This is a positive period in all your relationships. Unmarried are likely to find their life partner. Spouse will be supportive. Health of your child may be delicate. Stomach infection, acid reflux and pain in back may cause inconvenience. You will show keen interest in learning scriptures/higher knowledge after Jan, 2020.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo): Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4; Hasta; Chitta 1&2

Rahu transits over 10th house, Ketu over 4th house, Saturn transits 4th house (ardhasthama shani) and Jupiter in 3rd

Rahu transit on 10th house will give rise in your career and status. You will gain respect among your work and social circle for your systematic work. This is a favourable period for politicians, sports personnel and businessmen. You will work very hard to be in the limelight, in the process you may feel more restless and domestic unhappiness. Expenditure on repairs/modification of house, vehicle etc. will be more. Health of mother may be delicate. Change in life style and diet will help to keep you happy throughout this phase. Frequent respiratory tract infections and pain in knee/legs will cause severe inconvenience.

Tula Rasi(Libra): Chitta 3,4; Swati; Vishaka 1,2 & 3

Rahu transits over 9th house, Ketu to 3rd house, Saturn transits 3rd house and Jupiter in 2nd

Rahu transit gives long distance travel on work. You will get to work on foreign projects. But, it is not a very favourable period for those planning to change jobs. It is better not to take sudden risky decisions related to career. Most of the time you will be lost to words to express yourself or there may be some miscommunication. This is a favourable period for businessmen. Finances will be good. Investments will give good returns. 2020 looks more promising for unmarried. There may be differences with father figure. There may be some cold phase with siblings. Some of you will join healing courses during 2020. Infections of Ear, nose, throat and pain in legs may cause inconvenience.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio): Vishaka 4;Anuradha; Jyeshta

Rahu transits over 8th house, Ketu over 2nd house, Saturn transits in 2nd house (Last phase of elinati shani) and Jupiter in 1st house

This transit of 2:8 axis of Ketu and Rahu will be tough. At work there will be heavy pressure and you will feel more than once to change the job. This is not a very favourable period for business, there may be differences with the partners. It is better to go slow even in investments till Jan 20th. It is better to think twice before making any major decisions. There may be property related issues, you are advised not to initiate any legal actions. Expenditure on near and dear will increase. There may be differences in marital life or you may stay temporarily away from spouse due to work etc. You like to keep aloof or away from relatives. Dizziness, lumps near neck and inflammation may cause inconvenience. It is better to see a doctor and not ignore any ailment. Doing Pooja to Goddess Durga and Ganesha will be helpful.

Dhanus Rasi (Saggitarius): Moola; Purvashada; Uttarashada 1

Rahu transits over 7th house, Ketu over 1st house, Saturn transits 1st house(second phase of elinati shani) and Jupiter in 12th

During this transit career will be good. You will have higher expectations from team members which may bring differences with them. You will be given to anger and irritation easily. Tendency to postpone works on hand will be there. Situation will start looking better from 2020. Finances will look better from next year on. Even though expenses are not many you may feel cash flow crunch during this year. Investments will be good from after Jan 2020. This is not a very favourable period in all your relationships, especially marriage. Relationship issues will dampen your spirits. During second half of 2019, your child progress will make you proud. Eczema, renal ailments and nerve pain in the lower back. may cause inconvenience. Health requires care while on journeys.

Makara Rasi(Capricorn): Uttarashada 2,3 &4 ;Sravana; Dhanista 1 & 2

Rahu transits over 6th house, Ketu over 12th house, Saturn transits in 12th house (3rd and last phase of elinati shani) and Jupiter in 11th

This is a favourable period for those in service. The period of April 2019 is favourable for those planning to travel abroad or for any immigration related matters. There will be minor growth in career, and for some there will be transfer. Increase of enemies at workplace is likely. Business will be neutral. You will have upper hand over business competitors. Expenditure in general will be high. Relatives may approach you for financial help. Health of maternal elders will be delicate. Foot, left eye, and jaw pain may cause severe inconvenience. You are prone to frequent flu/cough/cold. One of your child education may be of concern for you. Your higher energies and ambition will make you restless. Sleep may evade you. It is better to take part in outdoor health activities like swimming.

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius): Dhanista 3 & 4; Shatabhisha; Purvabhadra 1, 2 &3

Rahu transits over 5th house, Ketu over 11th house, Saturn transits 11th house and Jupiter in 10th

Rahu transit in 5th will be good for those in creative field. Your higher-ups and team members will be very supportive. This is a favoruable period even for professionals and politicians. You will join in some course which will improve one of your hobbies. This is a favourable transit period for businessmen also. You will get new clients. Health of older sibling may be delicate. You may part ways with one of your old friends. There will be rise in income. Investments will look much better from Jan 2020. Those of you who are in relationship will tie the knot. A favourable period for those married. Pain in knee, high cholesterol, and liver ailments may cause inconvenience.

Meena Rasi(Pisces): Purvabhadra 4; Uttarabhadra; Revathi

Rahu transits over 4th house, Ketu over 10th house, Saturn transits 10th house and Jupiter in 9th

This transit is a mixed period. At business you will get new clients but there may be delay in meeting customer demands. The situation at work also will be mixed. Heavy work and responsibility will keep you on toes, but you will able to complete the work on hand at the end of the day. There may be differences with higher-ups. Those of you working on foreign projects will get name and fame. You may have to share financial expenses of joint family/extended family. You are likely to purchase/sell an asset during May/June. There may be differences with parents on minor matters. Your high expectations from family members will brings differences in marital life also. But situation will slightly look better from Jan 2020. Knees and joint pains may cause severe inconvenience.

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